About Us

Development History

CADSee Plus V1.0 was released in 2007.

CADSee Plus V2.0 was released in 2008.

CADSee Plus V3.0 was released in 2009.

CADSee Plus V3.5 was released in 2011.

CADSee Plus V4.0 was released in 2013.

CADSee Plus V4.2 was released in 2014.

CADSee Plus V4.5 was released in 2015.

CADSee Plus V6.2 was released in 2016.

CADSee Plus V7.0 was released in 2018.

Our Perspective

CADSee Plus aims to become a profressional and lightweight CAD viewing software. We now have Desktop/Android/iPad/iPhone/Windows RT versions, and we will have OSX version later. We connect the popular network disks such as SkyDrive, Google Drive, Office 365, Huawei network drive and Kingsoft network disk, and gradually develop into a drawing SNS community to provide a full range of drawing sharing platform for the design industry.

Our Clients

CADSee Plus has a large client base. By 2014, there are more than 3 million downloads via the download sites and official site.

Our Partners

Open Design Alliance      ODA