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CADSee Plus is a software tool specifically designed for engineering designers. It provides quick view and print of commonly used picture files (PSD, BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, TIF and TIFF), AutoCAD DWG/DWF/DXF files (R14-2019 format), Micro Station DGN files and PDF files independent of AutoCAD environment. CADSee Plus is a new type of DWG and graphic file managing and viewing software. It uses beautifully designed Metro style UI and has a compact size. It provides commonly used font library and achieves graphic file viewing and managing. It also provides built-in multiple type graphic viewers and implements thumbnail preview of DWG and DXF files similar to AutoCAD. It supports drawing file management operations, for example, Copy, Paste, Cut and Delete, etc. It not only provides general graphic functions such as Pan, Full Screen and Zoom, etc, but also offers a unique capability of viewing two drawings synchronously within a window and/or in full screen mode. It is convenient for designers and auditors to check and compare two drawings. It is a requisite CAD viewing tool for engineering designers.

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Drawing File Management Function

CADSee Plus provides a management interface similar to Windows Explorer, and implements operations of drawing files and folders, for example, Copy, Cut, Paste, Delete and Rename, etc. Drawing files can be displayed in Thumbnail, and the thumbnail size can be configured. It provides Recent Files and Recent Folders which are convenient to quickly open history files. It also has the Favorite Folders function which provides quick access to frequently used folders.

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CADSee Plus supports drawing files (DWG/DWF/DXF), image files (PSD/BMP/GIF/PNG/JPG/TIF), Micro Station DGN files and PDF files. It provides built-in drawing file viewers and implements operations of drawing files such as Pan, Full Screen and Zoom, etc. The operations of the mouse are similar to AutoCAD.

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Full-Text Search in Drawings Funtion

CADSee Plus provides full text search in DWG files. It not only can quickly search all DWG drawing files under one folder to see if any of the files contains the keyword, but also can search the graph segment contents. This function is available for VIP members only.。

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Drawing File Print Function

CADSee Plus provides drawing file print function similar to AutoCAD. You can set print options, paper settings, rotation direction and print scale, etc. You can preview the file when printing. There are two print modes. One is Quick Print, and the other is precise Print. This function is available for VIP members only.。

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Drawing Format Batch Conversion Function

CADSee Plus provides the function to batch convert DWG drawing files to other formats, which includes version conversion, and DWG to image files, DWF or PDF. This function is available for VIP members only.。

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Touch Screen and Windows 8/10 Tablets Support

It supports gestures on touch screens under Windows 7/8/10, such as Pan, Zoom and Rotate, etc. It also supports various gestures on Windows 8 tablets.